Apple has introduced a new men’s wellness app for the iPhone and iPad called the Best Men, Health app.

The app was announced by the company this week, and it looks like it’s a complete replacement for the popular Men’s health site, Men’s Fitness, which was discontinued on iOS earlier this year.

The Best Men Health app also includes a wealth of data from more than 300 million men across the globe.

You can even see how many calories you’re burning and how your heart rate is fluctuating.

The company is promising that the app is the first to offer comprehensive, user-friendly data about the health of men.

There’s also a Men’s Mental Health section, where you can access data about your mood and emotional health.

Men’s Health offers a number of tools that are intended to help you stay healthier.

It offers a weekly meal plan, which offers a healthy, low-calorie meal plan for men.

It also provides a daily exercise routine.

You also get an app for tracking your activity levels, and a Health and Wellness Calendar that shows your health data over the course of the week.

For some men, the best part of the app, however, is that you can share your health and wellbeing data with friends.

The app has been redesigned to make sharing your data easier, with an option to share your information with other people.

The best men health app on iOS? — Men’sHealth (@MenHealth) August 25, 2018