Health experts say that men need to increase their physical activity to stay healthy, according to an article published in the journal Mens Health.

The article also says men should not stop exercising as it has proven to help prevent cancer. 

The authors of the study, led by Harvard University researchers, looked at data on a group of 1,734 men between the ages of 40 and 75, who have been tracked for health problems since the early 2000s.

Researchers also analyzed data from more than 12,000 men over the same time period.

The researchers found that men who exercised more, were physically active at home and spent more time in the gym were twice as likely to develop prostate cancer as men who did not exercise.

The authors also found that, while exercise is important, men should still aim for a balance between being physically active and taking steps to prevent cancer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“It is not that the exercise must be exhaustive,” they wrote.

“Rather, it should be based on balance.”

The authors say that as men age, their health deteriorates, and they may need to focus on preventing prostate cancer.

But, they said, if they want to prevent prostate cancer they need to follow a lifestyle that includes physical activity, a healthy diet and regular screenings for prostate cancer in the future. 

“This is a challenging time in our lives, but men have a greater chance of preventing cancer in men of their age and are now more likely to be diagnosed,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Daniel W. Cohen.

“The good news is that the best way to reduce risk is to maintain a healthy weight and maintain physical activity.”

“The study also finds that, even in men who do not exercise, they still need to exercise, particularly if they are men of reproductive age,” the authors added.

“However, they can also do it in a way that promotes good health, which is to engage in activities that improve health and well-being.”

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health (R01-HD076592), the Department of Defense Office of Research and Development (ORD-OD-06822) and the National Center for Research Resources.