Running for Cure, a grassroots campaign launched by men’s running champion Michael Kors, is taking its first steps into the US running market with a pair of new shoes.

The first pair of men’s shoes will be released in the coming weeks.

Running for Hope is a partnership between Kors and Running for Health, a charity that helps men and boys who have battled chronic health issues.

The shoes will feature the brand’s signature Running for Life silhouette, and a colorway called “Runners” that will be available exclusively through Running for Men.

The two men’s brands are also collaborating on a line of shoes with Nike, with the new shoe set to launch on April 2.

“I wanted to be an ambassador for running,” Kors said.

“So I approached Nike and asked if I could use their brand for the shoes.”

Kors told us that he has been a runner for his entire life, and he and Running For Hope have always been about empowering and making a difference.

“We are all about giving back,” Kort said.

Kors plans to continue running for men through a range of running activities, from indoor and outdoor races to marathons and cross country.

Kort is the author of several books, including the award-winning, best-selling Running for Love, which includes a guide for men on how to find the perfect partner.

Running For Cure is a grassroots effort in which men’s runners donate $2,000 per year to the charity.

“Running for Cure is an independent nonprofit, run by men,” said running for cure co-founder and CEO James Toth.

“Our goal is to help those men who are suffering with chronic illness find new ways to exercise and improve their health.”