Women’s Choice, a group that promotes women’s health and empowerment, is calling on the government to “consider” using the name “men’s choice” for men’s health in health policy.

Men’sChoice President and CEO Paul McHugh said the group has been working with the Government Accountability Office to find a name that best describes the group’s mission and objectives.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from the government,” he said.

“We’ve been calling for a name change for quite some time.

This is not a name we’ve been happy with.”

A similar push was put forward last year in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

The new name, which McHugh hopes will become standard, was approved by the GAO and is now being considered by the Health and Human Services Department.

“It would be a name recognition issue, and it’s a name with strong branding,” McHugh told CNNMoney.

McHugh added that the GAOs name is not likely to change any time soon.

“The current name is one that is so culturally associated that it is very hard to see a name changing anytime soon,” he told CNN.

In fact, the Health Department has already changed the name of its website to reflect the new name.

A few other names have been considered for the group, including Men’s Care, which is the abbreviation for Men’s Health Care Services, Men’s Pride and Men’s Healthcare, which also has the same initials.

The group is also trying to find other names that reflect its mission and purpose.

“There are some other names out there that we’re interested in looking into,” McHaugh said.