A man from India who is one of the world’s most famous men in antiperspiration is thanking people for sharing his story in an exclusive interview with Newsweek.

Mumbai, India — In the early hours of the morning of March 20, a man who goes by the name of Anant Sharma was waiting at a checkpoint in Mumbai’s international airport to board his flight home to India.

He didn’t have to wait long.

He was picked up by a couple of people and taken to a separate airport in New Delhi.

Anant said the couple had a visa for him and they didn’t even bother to ask the security guard for his ID.

They only told him to wear the gloves and a mask.

Anant’s father had to pay for the ticket, and he couldn’t go back to his home in Mumbai.

He was sent back to Mumbai by a plane that left at 5:30 a.m.

AnANT: I was very nervous.

I was a bit scared, but I was just really excited to come home.

But, I’m an American hero.

I feel like I’m a little bit older than my age.

I’ve never been to the United States before.

So, it was a great moment for me to come back home and see my family and friends again.JONATHAN: Anant, how did you feel?ANANT: Well, I feel very happy.

I’m very happy to be here.

I feel like my kids are going to be able to see me.JOSHUA: So, I want to talk about how your family came to have you.ANANT.

Well, I was born in Delhi and grew up in Mumbai, and I was brought up by my father and my grandfather.

It was the only place that my parents could see me and my mother.

So they didn´t know anything about me growing up in India, but they knew I was really intelligent and had a lot of potential.

So I was lucky that I was able to go to a prestigious school in Mumbai and to get a lot more schooling.

I was able, from my age, to go on to study engineering and architecture.JOSEPH: What was your dream before you left?ANANANT (laughing): I always wanted to be a surgeon.

And I always had that dream to be an orthopedic surgeon, but it was never a reality.JACK: And, in that hospital, you had to wear gloves and masks?ANAT: Yeah.

So my parents thought I had a fever and had to go in to see the doctor.

But I was actually wearing gloves and the doctor said, “I´m afraid you’re allergic to the antiperspire.

You should just stay here.”

So, that´s when I went in and got tested for allergies.

And, I took the test and was diagnosed with a severe allergy to antiperscent.

So the doctors told me to go home.JOY: So the doctor had to let you go?AN: I had to get the medication and I went to my mother and told her to bring me back to the hospital.

JOSHUA (laugh): I didn´ t know why.

I just wanted to go back home.AN: That was really tough for me.

But it´s an honor to be coming home.

I didn’t know what to do.

But my parents were there with me.

I felt really happy and really thankful.JASON: Was it a traumatic experience?ANA: I think it was.

I think that my family was really hurt and upset, but my father was very supportive.

He wanted me to make the best of it.

I couldn´t go back because I was allergic.

JONATHan: When did you get your diagnosis?AN ANA: It was in December of last year.

I had been diagnosed with the allergy to the product.

So when I was diagnosed, I didn`t know how long it would take to get it out.

I thought maybe I could just have it removed.

So it was really hard to get rid of it because I needed to go through a lot to get back in the country.JUDGE: I see.

I see you had been out of the country for so long.

Did you think that you would get the allergy again?AN (laughingly): I was like, “Yeah, I guess so.”

But I had already lost the allergy and I wanted to keep it.

And it was very important for me not to go anywhere without it.JULIANNA: You were at an airport when you were finally allowed to go?

AN: Yeah, I went with my mother on my flight to New Delhi because I wanted her to go too.JAMES: I saw you wearing gloves in that airport.

AN: Yes.

JOSEPHS: So you felt very nervous