New health clinics opened in Cyprus last week as part of a concerted effort to bolster public health in the island nation of 5.4 million people.

A total of 6,500 people will be eligible for treatment at the new clinics, which are located in the southern city of Cypriot Harasta and the eastern city of Nicosia.

The facilities are part of the government’s effort to improve women’s and men’s physical health.

“This is a critical initiative that will provide a high-quality, safe and affordable health care to the people of Cyprus,” said Health Minister Nicos Anastasiades.

“The health care of women is of utmost importance in Cyprus and this will help in the fight against cervical cancer and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The clinics will serve a population of almost one million.”

The health ministry said the clinics will have an average of 50 beds and provide 24-hour medical services to people who are eligible.

Health minister Anastasios Apostolides said the government will provide 1,400 free treatment beds for men, and 800 free beds for women to assist with care.

The health minister also announced that Cypriots will be able to use the clinics to obtain free vaccines, antibiotics and other medical supplies.

He said the health minister’s office will offer free consultations and to offer free testing for cancer patients.

The new clinics are part, in part, of a $4.6 billion government investment announced last month in the Cypriotic economy.

The government hopes to boost economic growth and create jobs in the country.