There are few things as distressing as having to listen to your doctor for advice about what to do next.

If your GP isn’t happy to help, you’re at a real risk of being left feeling like a failed experiment.

But what happens if your GP doesn’t want to help?

Mental health experts are now advising men who are feeling depressed about their health to take control of their health and their feelings.

Dr Sarah Tishler from the University of Warwick, said the latest research found that men who take control over their mental health and have an active role in managing their emotions, are more likely to feel better.

“This is important because for some men, depression and anxiety are the main contributors to feeling unhappy or depressed,” she said.

If you’re having a mental health crisis, you might want to consider the options outlined in the article here: mental health advice article How to stop worrying about your mental health?

“We found that it’s very important to take charge of your emotions and feel what you feel,” she added.

“We’ve also found that there are plenty of things that can help, such as getting help for your anxiety or depression, and also talking about it openly with your doctor.”

Dr Tishlers team surveyed more than 4,000 men to find out which of their symptoms were related to depression.

For example, men who had a higher likelihood of feeling depressed were more likely than those with a lower likelihood to have suicidal thoughts.

Dr Tamp says a key point to consider is whether or not you are feeling suicidal.

She said men with more depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts were also more likely (44%) to report having suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self-harm.

“If you have any of these, you need to get professional help,” she advised.

“There are lots of things you can do, and if you’re feeling depressed and anxious, try to change the way you think about it and get help.”

If that doesn’t work, there are options you can consider.

One of the biggest steps men can take to improve their mental wellbeing is to stop thinking about their depression or anxiety.

“It’s a great thing to do because it allows you to take the time to think about your feelings,” Dr Tishers said.

“Also, there’s nothing more important than a good relationship and a sense of connection with someone you love.”

Dr Sarah also recommends people talk to their GP about getting a mental check-up.

While most men can get this check-ups, some women may not.

There are also other options for men.

Dr Tamp suggests asking your GP about mental health treatments.

“In some cases, you can use a pill called lithium, which is used to treat depression and other mental illnesses,” she explained.

“For some men it can reduce symptoms of depression and for others it can help reduce anxiety.

It’s very helpful to know about it so you can get the most out of it.”

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