Health officials say the study did not find a significant difference in the rates of breast cancer or cervical cancer between men and women.

The results come as the nation struggles with high rates of male suicide and a growing number of men suffering from anxiety and depression.

AP 2/24 Scientists develop ‘world’s most advanced’ cancer vaccine A cancer vaccine developed by scientists in the US and Europe has shown great promise in fighting an aggressive form of the disease that has overtaken many countries including the US.

The vaccine is a combination of two existing vaccines against the disease which was isolated early this year in a clinical trial and has shown promise in reducing the risk of recurrence of cancer cells as well as helping to slow disease progression in laboratory mice.

Reuters 3/24 Researchers develop ‘father of condom’ synthetic dyes The chemical composition of a new colouring that could be on todays condom is 75 per cent more effective at camouflaging harmful UV radiation than existing chemistries, scientists have said.

The chemical, which was discovered by researchers from the University of Bath in the UK, is a dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) – also known as Duracell’s disulfide.

Researchers said it was the first time that scientists had found a chemical that could accurately coat a surface that was made of a substance that was both transparent and conductive.

PA 4/24 Engineers create ‘father’ complex that creates sex differences within a cell Scientists have created a “father” complex that can identify female sexual characteristics from across the human genome, say researchers who were able to create it by engineering sex cells that were induced to develop into female cells.

The scientists said the ability to identify male characteristics from a range of DNA samples was the equivalent of having a “tree” of DNA that was sequenced from thousands of individual cases and then combining the results to create one comprehensive trait Marko Djurica/AFP/Getty Images 5/24 Discovery of HIV vaccine A US scientist who uncovered the first case of HIV infection in modern history has said the discovery could “revolutionise the way the world deals with the pandemic”.

“We are living in an epidemic, not an epidemic but an epidemic with an emerging pandemic that is largely avoidable if we take the right actions now,” Professor Peter Molyneux, from Johns Hopkins University, said on a call with journalists.

His remarks were made as the first known case of the highly contagious viral infection was reported in the United States.

Six people have died and more than 300,000 infections have been recorded, with authorities warning the pandemics spread could get much worse AP 6/24 Nasa releases stunning images of Jupiter’s great red spot The storm bigger than the Earth, has been swhirling for 350 years.

The image’s colours have been enhanced after it was sent back to Earth.

Pictures by: Tom Momary 7/24 Baby Hawaiian bobtail squid Another spectacular example of a human-made object being eclipsed by the solar system is when it comes into contact with the moon’s penumbra.

The white-beaked squid is a relic of the ancient ocean floor that was once connected to the solar nebula by liquid water.

It sits on a rock in the middle of a pool of water that appears white because of its absence of colour.

It has been nicknamed the “baby Hawaiian bobtails squid” because of the bulging white spot that runs from corner to corner.

It was first seen in 1890.

Joe Raedle/Getty 8/24 A 6,000-year-old human-sized horned dinosaur fossil found The fossilised skull of a 6,500-year old human-shaped horned dinosaurs was discovered in a mine in Mexico, scientists say.

The specimen was unearthed using a high-speed camera.

The researchers from Mexico’s National Autonomous University (Unam) used geophysical imaging to study the bone’s anatomy.

They say the discovery of the fossilised horned skull was made by accident while drilling for a gas.

When the lid of the camera was opened, the researchers could clearly see that the specimen was made up of six individual elements: a “lid”, a “case”, a groove in the case and “a long shaft”.

They added that the arrangement of the individual elements indicates that the individual was alive when it died JOEL MARQUETTE/AFP, Getty Images 9/24 Finding new species of dinosaur The Ledumahadi Mafube roamed around 200 million years ago in what is now South Africa.

Recently discovered by a team of international scientists, the dodo-sized animal was described as the “find of a life time” by a local woman in South Africa’s Lake Victoria Ian Westmacott 10/24 Being born alive: The arrival of Drosophila melanogaster Nasa announced on Monday that it has born live babies for the first day