You may be a man who believes you’re a feminist, a woman who believes she’s a feminist and a person who believes they’re all men.

If you’re one of those people, you probably want to stop thinking you’re so much better than everyone else.

You want to know what you really are, right?

But how do you stop being so bad at it?

Here are 10 steps to help you feel like a man’s worst enemy.


Stop thinking about yourself as a man.

The best way to stop being a man is to stop judging yourself and to realize that you’re not.

You can’t stop thinking about how you look or what you do, but you can start thinking about what you feel about yourself.

If all you’re doing is thinking about your looks, you’re already in a bad place.

When you start thinking in terms of yourself, you’ll start to see that you don’t have to look perfect to feel beautiful.

It’s about being yourself, not looking like a girl.

You should stop thinking of yourself as the most perfect person in the world, but instead, you should start thinking of who you really want to be, because that’s the person you’re actually most happy with.


Stop worrying about how other men feel.

Even though it’s tempting to think that other men are only out to make money, you know better than to believe that.

You’re the only person in your life who can really affect your life.

You are the only one who can change your life and change how you feel, and you have the power to do it.

Instead of thinking that other people are out to get you, you can use your power to make your own choices.

Think about what really matters to you, and don’t let other people change your mind about it. 3.

Stop using the word “man” as an excuse to be sexist.

When other men say things like, “You can’t be a feminist,” they’re not using the words “woman.”

They’re using the language of “man.”

You’re using their words to make a point, but they’re also saying things about you that they know you don and don to understand.

If they’re saying something sexist about you, it’s because they think you’re weak or they’re afraid you won’t defend yourself, or it’s to hurt you or make you feel bad.

It doesn’t matter.

Don’t use the word as an escape from responsibility or an excuse for not being able to take responsibility for your actions.

It only reinforces your perception of others.


Stop pretending that you care about other men.

When I was a teenager, I was the kind of person who would pretend to care about everything.

I would make up elaborate stories to prove to myself that I really wanted to be a good man, and then I would go to work every day and go home to watch the show.

If I wanted to talk to other men, I’d get on the phone with them, tell them about my journey, and talk about how I’m going to fix the world.

And if I was lonely, I would try to talk with a guy who didn’t have kids or wanted to move on from my past and get on with his life.

But it was impossible.

I knew I wasn’t a good enough man to be happy with my life as it was, and I couldn’t really do anything about it, because I was too focused on being a good father.

Now, when I’m trying to help other men get on in life, I always tell them that I don’t care about them, because they don’t deserve my love and attention.

But if I could be a great father, they would be.

The only person I care about is me, and my love is for everyone else, so it’s up to me to make sure that they’re happy and successful.


Stop judging other men for their appearances.

When men tell me they want to get surgery or have facial hair, they’re telling me I’m a bad man.

If someone tells you they want you to have a new haircut, I can understand that they’d like you to go with their idea.

But you shouldn’t feel bad about telling other men that you think they’re ugly or that they need surgery.

People who are insecure about their looks and want to make you look good don’t need to do this.

They can’t fix their looks, but by choosing not to have cosmetic surgery, they don