Men’s health products and products containing antiperspens are not recommended for use during menstruation.

Here’s how to stop the anti-perspirant from entering your body.


Remove antiperspin from skin The first step is to remove the antiperspen from the skin.

Wipe the affected area dry with a damp cloth and then gently massage the affected areas with your fingers.


Rinse out antiperspersons with water, then pat dry with towels.


Use a soft, dry tissue to rub the area.


Dry skin with a paper towel or a cloth and rub with your finger.


Rub the antispasmin into the skin for 15 seconds to help reduce friction.


Use the product again and repeat steps 4 to 6 until the antiperpen is completely removed.

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Apply moisturizer, moisturizing cream, or moisturizer cream to the affected skin.

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Use an antipersin cream or a non-prescription moisturizer to moisturize and hydrate the affected part of the skin without using a moisturizer.

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Apply a thin layer of a cream or gel to the area affected by the antipsin cream.

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Apply another thin layer to the skin area that was affected by one of the antipasmin products.

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Apply the antifungal cream, moisturizer or cream to a skin area not affected by either of the products.

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Repeat the above steps on the other affected area.

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