The ABC is looking to bring more mental health specialists to the network, and with the launch of the Mental Health Show, they’ve decided to showcase some of the most eminent experts on the topic.

The Mental Health Project, which aims to provide people with mental health support, will feature a panel of experts from a range of mental health fields, including social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical psychologists.

The panel will include renowned social workers who are experts in the treatment of people with depression, and experts in child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.

They will be joined by prominent mental health advocates who have helped shape the national debate on mental health, including Dr Jill Caprara, who heads the Institute for Policy Studies at the University of Queensland, and Dr Michael Gove, a leading mental health expert.

But it is the panelists’ views on the issue of mental illness that will be the focus of the show.

In addition to the panel, the ABC has also announced that it will feature two speakers on mental illness and suicide prevention.

One of the speakers will be a former senior coroner and former president of the Australian Mental Health Commission, Dr Simon Jenkins.

Dr Simon Jenkins is a former head of the National Suicide Prevention Taskforce and now works as a mental health consultant for the ABC.

He will discuss suicide prevention with ABC News Breakfast’s Fiona Bruce.

He will also discuss the impact of stigma and social exclusion and will speak about the role of stigma in the stigma of mental ill health.

Other guests will include former chief executive of the ABC, Mark Scott, and mental health policy expert Dr Susan Greenfield.

While the show will be produced by ABC Studios, the panel will be able to be seen live on ABC Radio National, ABC News Online, ABC Radio Perth and ABC NewsRadio.

For the past decade, the Mental Hygiene Project has worked to improve the care of people who suffer from mental health problems, and the panel has developed a model for helping people who are experiencing mental health issues in Australia, and those who live with mental illness.

This is the first time the Mental Mental Health Program has been given the opportunity to discuss these issues with a panel.

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