The world’s top 10 cities for men were revealed in a new infographic by the International Men’s Health Network (IMHN).

The infographic, titled City by City: A Man’s Guide to the World’s Best Men’s Cities, aims to highlight the most promising cities for both men and women.

Here are the ten most promising men’s cities in the world, according to the infographic.

“We wanted to focus on the most dynamic cities in our region.

These cities are where we have a lot of momentum.

They have a big opportunity for both genders to thrive and to build new connections,” said IMHN president Dr David J. Mankiw.”

It is the same with health in our 20s. “

It is also a place where the most men are in their 20s and 30s, so if you look at men’s health in the 20s, the gap between men and woman is still large,” he added.

“It is the same with health in our 20s.

We are seeing that as men age out of the workforce and into their 30s.

But if you are a 20-something who has been involved in the workforce for 20 years and is now a retiree, you can still be active,” he said.

The infographic also highlighted the most attractive cities in terms of both men as well as women.

“We were looking for cities with the most progressive policies and policies that make the lives of men and girls more equal,” said Mankiziw. 

The infographic, which was produced by the IMHn in partnership with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), was launched in collaboration with the British Institute for Public Health (BIPHE) and the National Centre for Women’s Health.