By FOX NEWS Channel | Updated February 20, 2018 02:30:56As the men and women who serve in our military have told us, “The greatest sacrifice is made when we go home.”

But as the nation’s men and boys grapple with the ongoing consequences of the menopause and its impact on their health, a new podcast that explores men’s issues and the men who have served in the armed forces has been added to the men-focused lineup on the Fox News Channel.

In the latest installment of the Men’s Health Podcast, the hosts explore the health risks and benefits of taking a male-friendly supplement called Menocal, which is used to treat menopausal symptoms.

The podcast features guests such as Dr. David Spiegelhalter, a professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and author of The End of Men: The Science of How Men Stop Being Men and Start Being a Woman.

Dr. Spiegelhalters podcast focuses on menopausis, the term used to describe a condition that occurs when a man loses his ability to conceive.

This includes men with testicular cancer, endometriosis, testicular cysts and testicular pain, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

When the menopausal effect is brought to the forefront of discussion, it’s easy to understand why the podcast has received so much attention.

Dr., Spiegelhalts podcast addresses the challenges faced by men and their families with a particular focus on the men with prostate cancer, and how to best help men and family cope.

In addition to discussing prostate cancer and how it can be treated with menocal, Dr. Spiegelhels podcast discusses the best ways to celebrate men’s achievements.

The podcast features testimonials from some of the most prominent men in the military, including Army Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, former commander of US Northern Command and current head of the US Central Command.

The men and families who serve have said that the podcast is a valuable resource for their families.

Dr. Kevin Pfeiffer, who serves as the executive producer of the podcast, told Fox News he was surprised at the amount of attention it has received.

He said he was not surprised at how much the podcast resonated with listeners.

“The first few episodes of the Podcast, and the first couple of years of its existence, were not just listening to podcasts, but listening to the content and listening to all the content that the men have told their stories,” he said.

“It was kind of a natural progression from there.”

The Men’s Life Podcast is produced by Fox News and The American Men’s Foundation.

It was initially conceived by the Men in Black podcast, which began in 2005.

The group has since expanded to include other podcasts and news sources, including The Washington Post.