Google is rolling out an app that will allow men and women to see how their health is improving through a video stream.

The Google+ Health app for Men and Women, released in early March, will include a Men’s Health feed that includes data from three different health providers — a blood test, a skin test, and a heart monitor.

The men’s app will allow users to see whether their health has improved since the last time they visited their provider.

The app also allows users to view their current and past health records, and allows users for the first time to see the percentage of days they have met their blood pressure and heart rate goals.

Google is rolling it out with the support of more than 300 partners in the U.S., including hospitals, physicians, insurers, pharmacies, universities and government agencies.

The Men’s health feed has been available for a few weeks in the Google Play store and will be available in the Apple app store in the coming weeks.

It’s currently available only for the Android version of the Google+ Android app.