Posted by Breitbart News on January 16, 2019 04:19:59When it comes to health care, the GOP has never been more of a party of the wealthy.

It has been running for the White House and the Senate with the sole aim of making billionaires and corporations pay more taxes and get the federal government out of their way.

The only difference now is that the GOP now has a real candidate who is running for President.

This is a huge victory for women, as they finally get a candidate who truly represents their interests.

It also shows how far the GOP wants to go to help the very rich and corporations get more of our money.

For instance, when the Senate voted to eliminate the estate tax, Republican Senator Ted Cruz was the only Republican Senator to vote against it.

Cruz has a history of opposing taxes on wealth, and he is a true champion of the middle class.

The estate tax is a tax on the rich.

The Republican Senate majority even voted against repealing the estate taxes in the last budget.

The Republican Party is now running for women’s health care.

This is a major victory for the Republican Party.

We are seeing a lot of the Republican leadership now realize that their policies for women don’t include women and families.

We have a great opportunity to make the GOP more inclusive by electing a woman to the White Senate, and we will be back to fighting for women in 2019.