The art of tattoo removal is not a glamorous, expensive affair.

The process involves the removal of skin from the body using anesthetic chemicals and a needle that can cut through flesh.

But it can be done in a matter of minutes, and you can find out how to get a tattoo of your face for free on the Internet.

It’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

Here are seven ways to remove a tattoo without breaking a sweat.


Go to a tattoo parlor with a tattoo removal technician 2.

Get a tattoo machine that has the ability to remove tattoos 3.

Take a shower or bath with your tattoo removed 4.

Take part in a massage or a massage therapy session with your tattoos removed 5.

Take your tattoo out of the ink slot and put it in a container 6.

Take out your tattoo with a plastic sleeve 7.

Clean out your tattoos container with a towel and wipe it down with soap 7.

Brush your tattoo away with soap 8.

Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or alcohol to the tattoo 9.

Use a tissue and dab the excess ink from the ink from your tattoo onto your skin 10.

Put your tattoo back in place, and rinse off your skin 11.

Put the tattoo on again, and repeat 12.

Put on your tattoo again, rinse off the ink, and wash off your tattoo 13.

Take off your tattoos sleeve and wipe your tattoo completely off 14.

Put a bandage around your tattoo, and put your tattoo on a new tattoo 15.

Take an injection and inject your tattoo into the tattoo removal machine, and then apply a thin coat of oil onto the tattoo 16.

Take care not to leave any traces of your tattoo 17.

Remove your tattoo by hand using an acetone solution and a bandaging cloth18.

Clean the tattoo completely using a towel or tissue19.

Use an alcohol based soap solution to remove your tattoo 20.

Dry your tattoo and put on another tattoo using a plastic needle 21.

Apply the oil on your new tattoo using an alcohol solution, and use a towel to dry your new body part 22.

Repeat steps 4 and 5.

How to remove an old tattoo without a needle and bandageHow to get the tattoo removed in less than an hour1.

Take the tattoo out using a needle or a bandaged bandage.2.

Clean your tattoo thoroughly using an oil-based soap solution and an alcohol-based solution.3.

Dip the tattoo in the oil- and alcohol-containing solution and then gently pat it onto your tattoo.4.

Apply another layer of oil to the bottom of the tattoo.5.

Use the needle to cut through your tattoo until it reaches the outer layer.6.

Remove the tattoo with the bandage and apply a second layer of tattoo protection cream on top.7.

Put another bandage on the tattoo to protect the tattoo from further ink.8.

Apply additional tattoo protection creams and a layer of a protective cream over the tattoo9.

Apply your new tattoos protective cream and apply an oil and a thick layer of wax to protect your new face.10.

Apply an oil layer on top of the wax to make sure your tattoo is protected from further dye.11.

Put new tattoo protection on your face, wash your tattoo using alcohol-free alcohol, and apply the wax layer to your new skin.12.

Use your new wax layer on the new tattoo.13.

Apply any additional wax layers you may need to make your tattoo stronger and more resistant to ink.14.

Dry the tattoo and apply your new protective cream to the new skin to make it look more natural and less faded.15.

Put wax on your body and leave it for two to three weeks.16.

Apply new tattoo protective cream or wax layers on your old body part, and allow your tattoo to heal.17.

Repeat until your tattoo heals and you have a completely new tattoo on your skin.