The average American male consumes about five glasses of wine a year, and if you drink it regularly, you’ll likely have your own version of the “wine effect”.

But what if the effect is a little different for men?

Here’s why: Wine is alcohol, so it contains a range of harmful substances, including some that could be detrimental to the human body.

The chemical compounds found in wine can be linked to some cancers.

And the compounds in wine also appear to help reduce inflammation and boost the body’s natural defenses.

But it turns out that some of those compounds can also help protect against other types of cancer, such as colon, rectal and bladder cancers.

The idea behind this is that the compounds found on wine might help prevent or treat certain types of cancers, but the exact mechanisms behind this are still unclear.

And now, new research suggests that it may be possible to help men avoid cancer by taking a cocktail of compounds that may work differently than wine itself.

This research has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

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And to learn more about how to avoid cancer, watch our video: How to reduce your risk of cancer.

This article originally appeared on BBC News.