By MATT TAYLOR/AFPThe world’s top two men’s basketball teams are currently tied in the standings, with the Golden State Warriors leading the race.

But it’s not just the Warriors that are leading the charge in the race for the title.

The top two female players are also leading the pack, with Serena Williams, the reigning Wimbledon champion, and Venus Williams, a former world number one, taking their share of the top spots.

In the men’s game, there are a number of players who are at a similar risk to their female counterparts.

Australia’s Serena has become the third female player in the world to reach the finals, having won the women’s singles title in January.

The 27-year-old has taken the game to new heights, with an Australian Open semi-final win and a Wimbledon title in her sights.

She was also the defending Wimbledon champ, with a record of 13-4, which was set in January at the Australian Open.

It’s not the first time that Serena’s status as a woman has been a factor in women’s tennis.

Last year, Serena beat Caroline Wozniacki in a semi-finals match to win Wimbledon.

And in 2016, Serene won the Australian title by defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Serena also has an impressive resume in the women´s game, having reached the semifinals of the 2016 Australian Open in Melbourne and the Australian Championship in Melbourne, both of which she won.

In women’s golf, the US’ Martina Navratilova has been the first player to win a major championship, and is one of only three women to win the tournament at least once.

The 34-year, 6,000-yard winner has also been an elite golfer, with victories at the US Open and Masters and an Australian Masters victory in her last three tournaments.

Martina Navotilova is also the first woman to win her first Masters title.

She is also among the best in the game at her current level.

In men’s tennis, Roger Federer has been at his most dominant since the turn of the century, and he is currently in the lead for the tournament title.

But he has been unable to find the form he once displayed, and it is not the only reason for his lack of success.

Roger Federer is one win away from a Masters title, and his last two victories have been by four sets, two of them at the ATP World Tour Finals.

He also has three of the five players to win their last six major titles, and has won his last six matches against Nadal.

The 33-year old has been out of form this season, but is still the number one player in his division, with eight wins and two draws.

But his performance in this year´s Grand Slam has been spotty.

The Swiss is on a seven-match winning streak, but he has not won a Grand Slam since the US-Belgium final in October.

There have been some positive signs for Roger Federers season, however.

He has won a pair of Grand Slams, and was the best player in tennis for three months in June.

But last week, he was criticised for not wearing a protective mask when playing at the Open in California.

He has now been fined by the ATP for not complying with the rule.

The ATP has also issued a statement saying the decision to ban Roger Feders mask had been made on a case-by-case basis.

The US is now just two points ahead of second-placed Germany, who are two points behind the top-ranked Brazil.

Brazil have been playing in the quarter-finals of the Australian Tour this year, and have beaten the defending champions, Spain, in the first round of the quarter finals.