In just 24 hours, a man in Georgia is on the verge of getting his men’s cancer diagnosis, thanks to a quick internet search.

The search for the diagnosis was on Google News, but it took the searcher nearly four hours to complete the search, according to a news report by WSBTV.

According to the report, a Georgia man called the National Center for Health Statistics and asked if anyone could help him with the search.

The caller said his wife had tested positive for meningitis and had recently gotten a blood transfusion, and he had been in a coma since last November.

He wanted to know if there was a way to quickly get a confirmation, so the caller asked for a search engine.

The National Center For Health Statistics said it was able to help him quickly by sending him a link to the online search. 

A day later, the caller, who is not named, got a confirmation of the diagnosis and told WSB he was going to be in the hospital for about two weeks.

The patient’s family, who was not able to visit him, was told he was not suffering from the disease.

“This is the first time I’ve had a confirmation,” the patient’s wife, Toni Gershon, told the WSB report.

“It’s a relief.”

A spokesman for the Georgia Department of Health told the news outlet that it does not allow for online searches for men’s cancers.

He added that the search process is difficult to complete in a timely manner.

“We do not allow Google News searches, which can be extremely time consuming,” the spokesman said.

A spokesman at the Georgia Division of Cancer Care told the station that the patient was a resident in a hospital, and that they do not use Google News as part of their search tool.

The spokesman added that Google News has been used for men who need more than a search.