An Australian men’s healthcare provider is about to be acquired by a US firm, with an Australian-owned facility to be moved from its current location.

The men’s clinic at Sydney’s Alice Springs will now be owned by the Men’s Health Group, which has been looking to expand into other countries, including China.

“The Men’s Group has been very focused on growing our network, our network of providers, and we have been very supportive of the Women’s Health Network in Australia,” said Men’s Healthcare Australia chief executive Peter Jones.

It will be sold to a new consortium led by US firm Newmark Group, who are also planning to take over the Mens Health Australia business in Sydney.

Mr Jones said he expected the men’s clinics in Australia would continue to operate as they do now, with some changes to their staff and practices.

Women’s clinics are still the preferred way for men to have access to reproductive health services in Australia.

But they are still a small slice of the population in Australia, and Mr Jones said it was important to ensure that women were included in any future deals for the clinics.

He said women in Australia had a right to access abortion care and contraception services in the country, but men in Australia are more likely to have a right of access to family planning.

“We’ve got a very narrow range of services,” he said.

Men’s Health Australia has been operating in Sydney since the late 1970s, but has since been transferred to Sydney’s Southbank precinct.

While the Men of Sydney are still around, they will no longer be able to provide reproductive health and reproductive health related services.

Newmark Group bought the men�s clinic in Sydney from a private company earlier this year.

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