How to Buy Bitcoin in Spain: Pharmacies in Spain have a number of bitcoin ATMs which are open 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin ATM operators in Spain say they are able to accept bitcoin payments on an as-needed basis.

One such ATM in Barcelona, however, is currently being used by a man to purchase bitcoin, and the man is apparently willing to pay in bitcoin, but his bitcoin wallet is locked to a different address.

The ATM operator, who asked to remain anonymous, told Crypto Coins that the man has a few bitcoins left, but he cannot be certain that his account is safe.

He said that bitcoin transactions can take up to 30 minutes to confirm.

“Bitcoin is the most liquid and volatile currency in the world,” the operator explained, adding that it has been used for purchases ranging from groceries to travel, and even as part of a bitcoin “faucet.”

He said it is a good way to protect your bitcoin holdings, as long as the person using it is not a criminal.

A few days ago, a man named Marco Gómez was found dead in a Barcelona apartment.

He had a wallet containing $40,000 worth of bitcoin, which was reportedly stolen from the ATM he was using.

Another Bitcoin ATM operator who wished to remain unnamed confirmed that the ATM operator was in charge of the transaction.

“He was very careful,” the ATM owner explained, “not to get in touch with anyone.”

The ATM was not operating as usual when the man died, as the transaction was being completed, and there was no evidence that he had any bitcoin.

“It was not that the transaction wasn’t going to be approved, because that’s how they do it.

But he didn’t have any bitcoin left,” the owner said.

A similar ATM in Madrid was also reportedly used by Gómes’ killer, who was also suspected of having stolen some bitcoin from the bank account he had used to withdraw the money.

A spokesman for the ATM’s operator told Crypto Coin that it was “not a matter of a person getting caught or being caught,” but that the bank had taken steps to prevent such transactions.

“They are monitoring the transaction,” the spokesman explained.

“There was no money in the account.

And it’s a precautionary measure.”

Another ATM in a nearby town, in Madrid, has also been used by one of the suspects.

A person in the area said that the bitcoin ATM was still functioning when they discovered it, and that he was not aware of any bitcoin being used there.

The operator said that he did not have any bitcoins left at the time of his death, but that he would be able to recover them if he needed to.

Bitcoin has long been a popular currency in Spain, but it is still relatively new.

The currency was originally invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym he used to describe himself to the world as the creator of Bitcoin.

He released the first version of the digital currency, called Bitcoin in 2009, on an online message board.

Its value grew quickly in the years that followed, reaching an all-time high of $16,000 in 2016.

In July of that year, the Spanish government banned the virtual currency, effectively banning its use for financial transactions.

The government claimed that it wanted to combat money laundering, but the bitcoin economy remains largely unregulated.

Despite the ban, the currency has been the subject of debate for years, with the country’s parliament debating proposals to regulate it and make it illegal to use it for money laundering.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Ministry of Finance said that it would not be commenting on the case of Marco Gomes, and has not responded to a request for comment from Crypto Coins.

Bitcoin is still the most popular digital currency in Europe, and one of its largest economies.

The average bitcoin exchange rate is around $1,000 per bitcoin, according to, and is more than twice that of the average US dollar.