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Advanced Bio Studies is a new Research & Supplement Manufacturer that has put considerable resources not into fancy advertising, but into the latest scientific health studies. Our proprietary formulas are designed and optimized to be utilized in the body quicker and more efficiently. We achieve this based on one simple philosophy:  

Blood Flow & Absorption Is Everything.

An unfortunate fact is that your body only absorbs a fraction of the supplements you ingest. Since most absorption occurs n the intestines, we sought ways to make our formulas as conducive to this process as possible.  

And we sought natural, healthy nutrient agents to achieve this with.

Nitrovin: Next-level Nitric Oxide Production

There's a reason beet juice is touted for heart health and circulation: it is nature's ultimate source of nitric oxide. Known as "the miracle molecule" for men, our bodies produce less and less nitric oxide as we age. 

Nitrovin features a higher concentration of Citrulline, which has been shown to stay built up in the body longer. This, in combination with the rest of our explosive nitric oxide complex, is complemented with AstraGin to skyrocket absorption.


AstraGin is a natural composite which is composed of highly fractionated Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. The latest clinical research has shown that AstraGin has a positive effect on the specialized transporting molecules within the bloodstream. 

The result is a pump and endurance in training like no other. And these amazing effects translate to the bedroom just as much as the gym.

Testovin: Cutting-edge Testosterone Enhancement

With Testovin, you are getting the latest and specially-tailored formula to skyrocket your natural testosterone levels. Clinical research has verified the effects of such exotic ingredients as Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali and Shilajit Extract. We have designed our advanced complex with these and other impactful compounds to set a new standard in testosterone enhancement.  

And to maximize this potent formula, we have included BioPerine, which is the trademarked name of Black Pepper Extract. This has been shown increase absorption by adding a thermogenic effect to your metabolism. BioPerine can create a slight increase in your body's internal temperature, which promotes maximum assimilation of all the vitamins, minerals & test boosting nutrients . 

No other testosterone booster offers this many specifically-chosen, powerful ingriedients

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Nitric Oxide & T Booster - Performance Stack (2 Month Supply)

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